Get the Dirt – Almost 10 Questions with Nick Elliott of Nicora Wines

5 Oct

Since every winemaker’s story is as different as the way they make wine, we wanted to share their insights and knowledge about not only the process but the business of winemaking. Here’s what Nick Elliott had to say:

Q. What will you be pouring at The Garagiste Festival?
A. 2009 Buxom Syrah, 2009 Euphoric Grenache, Also 2010 Barrel Samples

Q. Tell us about your winery.
A. I am small Westside Paso Robles California wine producer crafting 100-200 cases annually consisting of Rhone varietals made from Grenache and Syrah. I take the highest quality grapes and put my whole heart into making the best wine possible. With such a small production I am almost able do everything by hand. From the grapes to the hand waxed bottles nothing is spared, nor is it a mere hobby. It is a lifetime commitment and challenge that is welcomed by all who love the hard work. Bring on the grapes!!

Q. How did you get started making wine?
A.I worked for a handful of wineries doing everything from vineyard work to bottling wine, then one day I noticed it turned to a passion not a job. I loved the varying ways of making wine along with the challenge and decided that I wanted to do things my way for once. Nicora was born!!

Q. Do you still have a “day job”?
A. Yes, working for Torrin.

Q. What was the most important lesson you learned from your first vintage?
A. It would have to be that working 90 days without a day off is normal, satisfying and very purple!!

Q. What can you tell us about the 2011 vintage?
A. It is a great year for us so far with no frost damage and with long hang times the fruit is going to be exceptional.

Q. What’s the story behind the name of your winery/label?
A. Nicora is a blend of two names the first being my own Nic and the other being my great-grandfather Ora. Ora was a pioneer in his day just as I am in my mine. Nicora was inspired by all who have taught me the right way to do things both in life and the winery.

Q. Any advice to offer aspiring winemakers?
A. Jump in with both feet!!

For more info about Nicora, click here.

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